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Workshop Facilitation

​Little Jupiter is based in Dundee but I can host workshops and events all across Scotland. 


My facilitator fee is in line with Artist Union rates though this is offered on a sliding scale to charities and minority groups.


I provide all workshop materials. This includes paper, scissors, glue, washi tape, felt pens, coloured pencils, and a large selection of collage materials.


I try to keep my workshops as accessible as possible. I encourage the use of stim tools and like to have a breakout space where possible. I try my best to work with accessible venues who also provide gender-neutral toilets and I have a Radar Key so anyone can access the disabled toilets.

Email me for more information.

Workshop Structure

Set-up: I would like access to the space at least 30 minutes before the scheduled workshop start time.


Introduction: house rules, Safer Spaces Agreement, about Little Jupiter. I will ask photo permission from all attendees. I am happy to email you the photos I take, or tag you on Instagram!


Demonstration: I will introduce the materials and give a demonstration of how to fold a mini-zine. I also provide a mini-zine with printed instructions on how to do this folding technique, which people can take home with them


Time to create: I like to create a calm, safe, and accessible environment for people to be creative. I can give input where needed but this can also be a quiet time for people. I may play music, depending on access needs.


Wrap-up: I like to give time for participants to share what they have made, if they feel comfortable doing so.


End of the workshop: it takes me a maximum of 30 minutes to pack down and clean up at the end of the workshop.

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