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Strategic Plan 2024

This strategic plan was written by Founding Director, Cricket McCann, to introduce Little Jupiter as a professional, sustainable company; to develop and maintain a loyal audience.


Little Jupiter is a queer-led organisation based in Dundee, Scotland. Cricket McCann uses zine-making to help nurture and grow the creative community in Dundee, Scotland.


To provide a safe, engaging, artistic space for local creatives to gather and share ideas. To curate a programme of creative workshops and events, showcasing local talent, with a focus on lifting up the LGBTQ+ community.


Little Jupiter is a queer-led organisation that does not discriminate against anyone for any reason, including sex, gender, ethnicity, income, religion, age, or ability. I strive to offer a safe creative space for all in as sustainable and environmentally friendly a manner as possible.


I make prints and zines  that explore queer community, mental health and wellbeing, living with a chronic illness, science and nature, and more! I host monthly zine-making workshops and I am especially interested in working with the LGBTQ+ community, those with chronic illnesses and disabilities, DIY arts practitioners and low-income individuals. All events will take place in accessible, inclusive spaces. 


I am interested in broadening Dundee’s creative community and gathering interest in Little Jupiter as a creative and inclusive organisation. I will do this by raising awareness of Little Jupiter through online and offline communications. 

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