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February Catch-Up!

Updated: Mar 9

This month I worked with queer artist and activist, Myrtle Mire, to create a beautiful new logo for Little Jupiter.




A few words from Myrtle:


I'm Myrtle, you can probably find me rooting around in the woods, or at home in Fife sorting through my various rock, feather and bone collections. I create what and when I want, in between managing chronic pain and my role as a forest school educator.


For commissions, please email Myrtle at🪻🪻🪻


I'm looking forward to working with Myrtle again in the future - their illustration work is stunning! I have so many cool project ideas buzzing around in my brain and I'm alway looking to connect with more queer creators to help make them all happen. Email me at and we can put our heads together!


I recently attended the opening of Creative Dundee's Hapworks. Working in partnership with Dundee City Council, Hapworks is  occupying and animating a vacant unit at 7 Castle Street in Dundee City Centre from February to May 2024. I was thrilled to meet so many incredible writers, artists and makers at this event and I'm excited to announce that I am teaming up with Sarah and James from Paper Arcade to bring back Zine Jams in Dundee! I have to say, I was doubly excited to finally meet Sarah in person - they are someone who I have seen around Dundee for ages and given the "you look cool and gay and arty and have a shaved head like me" nod to! I'm so happy Hapworks allowed us to finally chat properly and start sharing our ideas! We are also cooking up another super-secret creative project...there will be more news on that in the coming months, so watch this space!



 Upcoming Events:

 Museum Late: Weemin in Science

Verdant Works

8th March

6:30pm - 10:00pm

This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating women in science with a night of entertainment at The Verdant Works! Expect zine-making with Little Jupiter, a silent disco, live music performances, inspiring talks, poetry, crafts and refreshments. Don’t miss out!

Tickets Via Eventbrite booking essential!

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