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30 Mini-Zine Prompts!

Little Jupiter Zine Club takes place each month in Dundee. Why not come and join us for a fun and creative gathering where zine enthusiasts share ideas, collaborate, and create. Whether you're a seasoned zinester or just starting out, Zine Club is the perfect place to connect with like-minded individuals and explore the world of DIY publishing. Don't miss out on this opportunity to unleash your creativity and be part of a vibrant community of zine lovers.

Catch me at The Verdant Works on the first Saturday of the month and again at Scrap Antics on the last Thursday. All workshops are free or pay-what-you-can. You can find more info and dates here.

Do you need some ideas to get your creative juices flowing? Here is a list of prompts to get you started!

Use this list on your own at home, in the office, studio, school, or where-ever you choose to hunker down and get arty!

  1. Tell me about your imaginary friend

  2. Make a comic about a day in your life

  3. Your favourite self-care tips

  4. Adventures in the thrift store!

  5. What are the best gifts you have ever given/received?

  6. Tell the story of the most embarrassing moment of your life

  7. Create a ‘how to’ guide

  8. All the things you love about librarians

  9. Make a zine about something you are obsessed with

  10. What is the story behind your name?

  11. Create your own Barbie Dream House!

  12. Tell me about your happy place!

  13. The contents of your backpack

  14. What is inspiring you right now?

  15. Make a fanzine! Who do you love?

  16. Tell me about your special interest!

  17. All the funny things you have heard this week

  18. Black-out poetry

  19. Your dream holiday

  20. Make a colouring-book zine

  21. Nature/gardening

  22. Letters to people you miss

  23. Why are you so awesome?

  24. What do you collect?

  25. Stories from riding the bus

  26. Album/movie/book review

  27. Your favourite animal

  28. What brings you joy?

  29. Your favourite recipe

  30. Illustrate a song

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